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It has been a great Chinese New Year 2014 celebration for most of you with great time spent with family and friends. As time goes forward as well, we at SalsaJay would like to share with all you awesome folks out there that we will be having our SalsaJay Open Day 2014 on 15-March-2014!

Most of us have always been keen to pick up dancing, be it partnership dance or even solo dance. The complication comes when there are so many kinds of dance genres and one does not know exactly what each of the dance genre is about. Moreover, one would be wondering which dance genre would suit best for him or her. For those who experienced or may be experiencing such thoughts, fret not, as SalsaJay Open Day would be the event which you would not want to miss!

SalsaJay Open Day is an event that will showcase offerings from SalsaJay studio from existing dances such as Salsa and West Coast Swing to new offerings like Yoga Theraphy and Pump Heel and Hip-Hop! We will have free classes for all those dances and on top of that, there will be special performances at the end of the event alongside with lucky draws! So, if you have always been wondering what all these dances are all about, look no further, as this event is definitely for you!

Come and join us and bring your friends to join in the fun as well and experience what all those dances or activities are all about! Details are below:

  • Date: 15-Mar-2014 (Saturday)
  • Time: 2:00pm until 8:00pm
  • Venue: SalsaJay Dance Academy
  • Contact No: 012-390 0048
  • Detailed Schedule:
No Activity Time
1 Registration 2:00pm
2 Free Salsa Class 2:30pm until 3:15pm
3 Free Yoga Theraphy Class 3:30pm until 4:15pm
4 Free West Coast Swing Class 4:30pm until 5:15pm
5 Free Ladies Pump Heel and Hip-Hop 5:30pm until 6:15pm
6 Party, Special Performances, and Lucky Draw 6:30pm until 8:00pm


Please note that we have limited space for each classes. Thus, please RSVP to guarantee your participation for this event! There will be door gifts for the first 50 participants!

So, mark your calendars on 15-Mar-2014 and come join us in this SalsaJay Open Day and experience a life-changing experience on how dances can do for you! Have a great day, folks and see you at SalsaJay Open Day 2014!

Instructor Listing

For Salsa, the instructors involved would be Jeamie Lee and Pip!

Below are the instructors for Yoga Therapy, West Coast Swing and Ladies Pump Heel & Hip-Hop!

Yoga Therapy (by Caroline)


Caroline is a certified Yoga Instructor and qualified Jazzercise instructor. She took up yoga in 2004 and has accumulated over 200 hours of teaching training course. She was tutored at the famous Manasa Yoga, under the careful guidance of Guru Manoj Kaimal. Realising that she has a passion for teaching adults and kids alike, Caroline attended an intensive kid’s yoga course under Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2013. Caroline’s principle in life is, “Never ending learning, never ending knowledge, never ending of experiences that will always give purpose and constant love for life.”

West Coast Swing (by Amir and Ling)




Amir is the lead instructor of West Coast Swing at SalsaJay. Amir fondly recaps how he fell in love with West Coast Swing when he saw Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann performed at the 2009 Salsa Cruise Asia. Since then, he has been hooked.

Amir describes West Coast Swing as a contemporary dance which blends emotion and expression into flowing movements that showcases the dancer’s musicality. Amir is presently actively lending a helping hand to expand the community of West Coast dancers in the Klang Valley.  Catch Amir and his students at the West Coast Swing socials at Paradox Art Café every Wednesday.


Yee Ling

Looking for something to do after work, what started off as a weekday activity or fun workout turned into a passionate exploration of music, grooving, self-expression through dance and growing friendships.

Since walking into the studio in 2007, Yee Ling has gone from social dancing, to various performances, to choreography for the SalsaJay Performance Team, even venturing into other styles of dance such as American Tribal Bellydance. Some of her public performances have been at the 2009 SalsaCruiseAsia Launch Party, 2009 Stopover’s Exclusive Flower Power Salsa event and the RITMONIANS Performance 2012 with The Banshees Danse Du Ventre.

Having discovered the world of West Coast Swing, she is now keen on spreading the word on this Bluesy style, allowing for dancers to move to a flexible array of music, even most songs played on radio today.


Ladies Pump Heels & Hip-Hop (by Caprice)

Caprice started dancing at age 18 and is well versed in Hip Hop, RnB and Jazz. She travels around the world picking up new dance styles and techniques as well as conduct dance programmes. Having competed her Hip Hop training at UDC Sydney, Australia, Caprice underwent a professional dance training workshop at the Millennium Dance Complex, a premiere studio in Los Angeles with A list clientele such as Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Kenny Ortega, and P. Diddy. She had the privilege to train with Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake Choreographer), JR Taylor (Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce’s choreographer), and Nick Demoura (Justin Bierber Choreographer). Caprice cites Michael Jackson, Tabitha Napoleon and Janet Jackson as her dance influences.

So be on a lookout for these instructors for the free classes which you want to join or better yet attend all of them during SalsaJay Open Day on 15-Mar-2014!


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